Sharing God's Word

Lonny is a masterful expositor of God's word using eternal truths, humor and practical experience as he unfolds the many facets of the Bible. Whether elaborating on a simple text or revealing deep scriptural meaning, his unique insights bring sound revelation to light as he explores God's word. If you would like more information about his teaching, please listen to the podcasts below or contact us for more information.


Since 1978 Lonny has been involved in overseas missions preaching in 37 nations. Beginning with his time in the Navy, Lonny never missed an opportunity to be out in the local communities preaching God's word. Since 1993, he has taken his Apostolic gift to the nations planting and overseeing churches through Destiny Vision International Ministries.


Beginning in July of 2019, Lonny will be updating his podcasts with new teaching that includes a brief word for the day, Monday - Friday, as well as in-depth teachings from God's word. You are sure to be encouraged and challenged by the insights he brings to the body of Christ.


Whether church growth, financial or marriage seminars, Lonny and Kim bring the expertise of ministry and practical experience. They have been married since 1984 and like any marriage have had to deal with the ups and downs according to God's word. In addition, Lonny is a financial professional who brings his extensive knowledge of the word concerning finance revealing the tips, tricks and secrets utilized by financial institutions today!

Destiny Vision International Ministries

In 1996 Lonny realized the need for fellowship among Pastors regardless of their denominations. Destiny quickly became the licensing entity for many churches and ministers around the globe. Today their goal is to continue to provide a safe environment for Pastors to fellowship and deal with situations that might otherwise be difficult within their current sphere's of influence.