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The Music of Andrus and Bingle

Sherman Andrus and Lonny Bingle teamed together in 2002 to form Andrus and Bingle. There was an instant chemistry between these two and on a missions trip to India they co-wrote the majority of the songs for their album, "Think Upon These Things." They were frequent guests on TBN and toured bringing their unique and unclassifiable music to churches around the world, touring in the Unites States, Europe and Asia. Their newest album, "A Servant's Heart," again combines their writing talents and performance expertise. Their heart is to bring the uncompromised Word of God through music to those who need to hear a positive message of the gospel and hope for tomorrow. They have appeared together as guest artists with the "Singing Nuns" on their 2001 "Peace on Earth" CD. They are also contributing artists on the March 2013 release of "In Your Honor," a collaborative effort combining the talents of many Grammy Award winners by performing an R&B version of "America the Beautiful." Lonny and Sherman are now working on their latest release of "Seize the Moment" due out in 2016. In addition they are looking to a live album in September of 2016.

Think Upon These Things (2014 Re-Release) A Servant's Heart (April 2013)

Andrus and Bingle's debut album was released in 2002 after a ministry trip to India. They had the opportunity to see the hand of God ministering in power as they took time out of their schedule to help those who otherwise would never be able to experience such ministry. Soon afterward they were touring the United States as God had teamed them together for a powerful ministry presented through music and preaching of the Word of God. Featuring such songs as, "God is Good" (number one children's gospel song), "Here Am I (Send Me)," and "Everlasting Father." Noted for the variety of style from Hip Hop (Just Do It) to Country (Our Mission). This work has just been re-released in 2013. Dottie Rambo claimed this CD to contain some of the best gospel songs written.

This project began at the request of their label at Mission Control Records under the direction of Karl Bingle. Realizing a need in the Christian community for music that was solid in the Word and enjoyable to sing, Andrus and Bingle was called upon once again. Sherman and Lonny again co-wrote all the songs on this album with the exception of, "I'm Yours" which was written by Sherman Andrus. Once again, their powerful ballads such as, "Who Will Help the Hopeless" (See YouTube Version) and the jazzy blues of "Lord, I'm In Your Care" with a beautiful medley, "Speak The Name of Jesus" and the melodic styling's of  "All Over the World," "Because of Your Love," and "He'll Take Care of You," promise to deliver a phenomenal album to be enjoyed by all. Released in 2013 and on the Grammy preliminary ballot 9 times.

Sherman and Lonny are currently working on their newest album, "Seize the Moment." With a new sense of urgency, they are fervently working on a release by mid 2018 preceded by a live recording featuring their most popular songs from their first two albums and a sneak preview of their Seize the Moment album September 22-23 of 2017. If you would like to reserve tickets for this live recording, which will be at the incredible Service Station concert venue in Spokane, Washington, please email them and you will be put on the list for tickets. All ticket proceeds from the Live album will benefit the Youth and Police Initiative in Spokane, Washington.
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