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Destiny Vision International Ministries (DVIM) is an organization designed to help network ministers and ministries with tools and resources that will help them achieve their potential in God. Lonny Bingle is the president and founder of the dynamic ministry that is now represented on four continents. This ministry is open to any who have a heart for the things of God and are in agreement with their statement of faith and vision.

Through Destiny, Pastor/Apostle Lonny Bingle presents church health seminars that help Pastors understand the areas of ministry that can use attention and improvement. Lonny's humorous and challenging methods bring an insight to local ministries that free up time, enlist the help of willing volunteers to enhance helps ministries, and help churches realize their destiny in God. As a life coach, Lonny helps pastors realize their God-given potential within the five-fold ministry and brings encouragement to those who have been hurt or in need of healing. Lonny's heart is for the local church and restoration of those who have found themselves in difficult situations.

The heart of Destiny is to provide a place of safety, camaraderie, wisdom and help for the local church, ministries and ministers. If you are in the Spokane, Washington area and looking for place of worship, we invite you to join with Genesis Church for one of our worship services. If you would like to hear Pastor Lonny teach, please check out one of our Sunday services online or a 10-15 minute daily Bible study. If you are a minister looking for a solid place for fellowship, we invite you to take a look at Destiny Vision International Ministries.





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