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Sherman Andrus is a powerful voice in Gospel Music. His distinguished ministry has given him many critically acclaimed accolades: Grammy Award Winner, Dove Award Winner and Gospel Music Hall of fame inductee. But more than all of the recognition, Sherman's heart is to serve the body of Christ with the gospel of Jesus seeing lives changed. His determination has taken him around the world in ministry. It is this determination and commitment that propel Sherman's vision for the future. To spend a moment with Sherman is to know his love for the body of Christ and his drive to see lives forever impacted by the saving power of the cross.

Lonny Bingle is a classically trained musician but has spent his life as a pastor, author and international speaker. Lonny's passion is to see the body of Christ come to full understanding of their position and authority in Christ. His desire is to see the grace of God revealed and manifested to each believer so they can walk free from their past recognizing their potential in the Kingdom of God. With so many in the body of Christ arguing over the insignificant issues it is time to focus on edifying the body of Christ and spreading the gospel. It was this commitment that drew Sherman and Lonny together sharing vision for the future and not settling for the past.


Andrus and Bingle

Everything with Andrus and Bingle screams ministry, however, they are two of the most fun and exciting individuals to be around. Even though their hearts are set on ministry, they both understand the importance (and quite honestly can both be jokers) of having fun. Their music style is unprecedented in the fact that it is impossible to label their music. Sherman and Lonny write all of their own material and therefore can ensure the variety of styles, scriptural soundness, prophetic relevance, and evangelist potential.

"Live" Concert Dates - September 22-23

Lonny and Sherman are excited to team up with the Spokane Police Department to present a "Live" album project to help raise funds for the "Youth and Police Initiative" program in Spokane, Washington.

The Youth & Police Initiative (YPI) increases communication and improves the relationship between youth and police. The program brings enormous benefits to the community, reduces crime, and helps youth develop positive attitudes towards police and their communities.

The goal of YPI is to break the cycle of mutual distrust that commonly exists between youth and police in our community by helping youth to be authentic, honest and open in presenting their “stories,” as they inspire the police to respond in a mutual way. The reciprocal sharing of life experiences, as well as goals and dreams, humanizes their relationships and shows them how much they have in common. The shared parts of their lives become the foundation of a new trust.

All ticket proceeds will go to help fund the Youth & Police Initiative.

Please Help Us Fund This Time of Healing and Reconciliation - Click Here!

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